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Diabetes - My Ramblings about having Diabetes: How Much can I eat?

Wow, how much can I eat? Great question. A lot depends on the number of carb exchanges you are allowed. I do recommend attending an American Diabetes Association approved education class. You will receive much needed information and help. Go to and look for a location near you.

Check serving sizes. I found a cracker I like that has 15 crackers per serving with 22 grams of carbohydrate. It also has 5 grams of fiber which brings the grams down to 17 which will count as one carb exchange. Well, I only eat 5 or 6 crackers so I am really getting only 6 or 7 grams of a carbohydrate.

Have you ever read the labels? You need to learn to read the nutritional facts listed on a package before you make your purchase. It gives you such things as total fat; cholesterol; sodium and then carbohydrates. The carbs are listed in grams and 15 grams is considered one carb exchange. Check with your doctor or dietitian about the amount of carbs you can eat. You will also find dietary fiber listed there. If the total amount of fiber is 5 grams or above you may subtract those grams from the grams of the carbohydrates which will give you the total carbs in a serving. This is discussed in one of my ramblings about carbs. I must admit I am confused about the sugars and sugar alcohol but they are important and shouldn't be too high. Hey, it is sugar that we need to keep low.

Portion sizes. You will need to reduce your portion sizes. If you have measuring cups available that is the best way but what do you do when you are away from home? Use your hand! Sounds simple? Well, my question is do I use my hand or my wife's? The best answer is probably my wife's. Sorry guys. You can use your fist to estimate one cup. The inside of your palm will show you the size that equals about 3 ounces which is the recommended size of meat you eat at one sitting. Is the serving size in tablespoons? You can use the size of your thumb to estimate a tablespoon. The tip of your thumb is about one teaspoon. Yes, you are making a guess but it will help you to determine the measurement without the measuring cups.

Now all the effort belongs to you. If you have diabetes you must realize it can cause other complications. Just the fact that you are reading this tells me you are interested in learning more. My ramblings are not scientific nor are they medical although I am in the process of learning how to control diabetes myself. My ramblings are just to help you know that there are others going through the same thing. There is hope. You do need to be in contact with a medical doctor and dietitian to help you make wise choices and if you need insulin your doctor can prescribe that. I am hoping to control mine by watching my diet.

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Article Source: Diabetes - My Ramblings about having Diabetes: How Much can I eat?

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