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How to Cure Diabetes Remains a Medical Mystery

Before going to the topic on how to cure diabetes, let us first establish the fact that diabetes is an incurable disease and still needs a well developed cure to render a diabetic totally free of all symptoms and complications.

What are commonly misconstrued, as diabetes cures are the treatments necessary to manage and control the diabetes symptoms to prevent the disease from developing further complications. In fact, diabetes is known to be a highly progressive disease, which means the patient's condition can deteriorate or develop into something more critical.

Hence, once a person is afflicted with diabetes, he is bound to carry this disease for the rest of his life. Treatments will be focused on how to lower the level of blood sugar level to normal whether the diabetes sufferer is a type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetic.

If a patient has type 1 diabetes, his or her pancreas produces very little insulin or no insulin at all. A daily insulin injection is needed in order to control the blood sugar level to prevent the patient from weakening or worst, dying. Sad to say, but this is now quite common among children.

A type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or there is resistance to insulin. This is a developing disease, which starts with oral medication and if not properly treated, will eventually require insulin injection. This often affects older and obese people due to lesser activity thereby lessening insulin sensitivity.

Gestational diabetes takes place at the later months of pregnancy and disappears upon giving birth. However, the mother is already deemed as prone to developing type 2 diabetes as she ages or on her next pregnancy.

The causes as well as the exact cures for diabetes remain to be discovered but this disease is currently treated with medicines, by exercise and through diet to avert complications. Hence, a diabetic patient in order to manage and prevent diabetic symptoms and complications from taking place, should acquire sufficient knowledge about the following:

1. The skill to check the blood sugar level at home. Checking will indicate if the medication, diet, and exercises are effective. As recommended by the American Diabetes Association, blood sugar level before a meal is from 80 to 120 mg/dl and 100 to 140 mg/dl before bedtime.

2. A dietary meal plan prepared by the dietitian in coordination with the doctor should be strictly followed. This is to make sure that the blood sugar level will not become too high or low.

3. Pay strict attention to the time and dosage of the medications prescribed by the doctor. Learn to inject insulin, if needed, and monitor the intake of oral medicines like glucose-lowering pills in a logbook. Type 2 diabetes medications include oral sulfonylureas to increase the insulin, thiazolidinediones for better cell sensitivity and acarbose and miglitol to postpone glucose absorption.

4. Along with the medications and proper diet to control diabetes, exercise is also needed in order to maintain the ideal weight and blood sugar level, as well as eliminate high blood pressure which may lead to heart attack or stroke. The exercise program should have the approval of the doctor.

5. Foot handling and hygiene becomes necessary because wounds tend to heal longer giving time for bacterial infections to set in. If left untreated, the foot might be amputated.

6. Proper coordination with the diabetes team in case an emergency is inevitable.

Diabetes is fast becoming the biggest silent killer of the world and the medical environment is scrambling for the elusive cure to fight off diabetes. Prevention is still our best armor to avoid affliction.

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