Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interesting Facts About Diabetes - Insider Facts to Help You Prevent, Control, and Cure Diabetes

One of the most common ailments you come across in almost all parts of the world is diabetes. In simple terms it is a condition where the glucose levels in the blood are high. It can lead to severe damages to body parts like heart, eyes, blood vessels, kidneys, etc. Further the heart & blood vessel diseases lead to a heart attack or a stroke. So it won't be wrong to say that diabetes is a silent killer. This disease has two levels - Type 1 & Type 2. Type 2 is rather chronic one.

Interesting Facts About Diabetes to Help You Prevent, Control, and Cure Diabetes

· Avoid smoking & alcohol. These are highly dangerous for you.

· The diabetic's body some times fails to heal the wounds. Be ware that you have no cuts or wounds. That is why it is always advisable for the diabetics to wear shoes all day long.

· Exercise daily. That would help you regain your stamina and control the blood sugar levels.

· Do not ever control the urge to go to pass urine. Such patients already have a vulnerable position of kidney. This could lead to hazardous results.

· Stress & over stretched working hours enhance the blood sugar levels. Try to work as much as your body can afford.

· In order to relieve stress yoga & breathing exercises are quite preferred. These would also control your diabetes.

Here are some facts about diabetes that would help you keep away or at least control this chronic aliment:

Diet for Diabetic Patients:

· A diabetic patient must avoid oily foods & high sugar food.

· You must have your meals on time. Ideally you must have a meal every 3 hours. Prefer to take short meals rather than two major ones.

· Have a high fiber diet

· Add lots of Vitamin D, calcium & omega 3s in your meals.

· Try to have measured meals as far as possible.

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