Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Can Diabetics Eat? - List of Foods a Diabetic Should Avoid & Diets For Sugar Patients

Foods for Diabetic are the most recommended remedy for discarding diabetes. Healthy nutrition is the foremost requirement to cure this dreading disease that is spreading like a wild fire. The growth rate of diabetes-affected people is rising. According to many nutrition specialists, there are no such stipulated foods for a diabetic. Foods for diabetic is the most important aspect which need to be given preference. The timings of their food intake also matters a lot in order to stabilize the blood sugar level. You should completely avoid the consumption of alcohol and sweets in order to save yourself from diabetes.

Here is the list of Diets For Sugar Patient Along With Food Items A Diabetic Should Avoid

- Eating high fibrous diet like fruits can be extremely beneficial for a diabetic . It helps your body to regulate blood glucose level with extreme ease. Avoid eating fruits with higher sugar content, as they will raise your sugar level instead of lowering it. Always consume them along with your meals that will balance your diet.

- Foods for diabetic also include richly colored vegetables. They are also known for lowering down your blood sugar level. They provide your body with lots of vitamins, minerals and fibres required by your body. Rice, pasta, bread, and cereal can be the best foods for diabetic.

- You can also consume diets, which contains more protein like lean meat and fishes while consumption of red meat should completely be avoided. Milk products with low fat content can be consumed.

- Foods for diabetic such as oatmeal and wheat cookies are also beneficial for your body. Six to eleven servings of grains and starches per day are highly recommended for a diabetic patient.

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