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Diabetes - how to regain control

Author: C.G.

Diabetes this time is not a disease but an associate of one's life. some time ago it was considered a rare disease. Have you been diagnosed with it also ? In the past, the most diabetics are used to be diagnosed at birth or very early in life with what is known as Type 1 diabetes, owing to the body incapability to make enough insulin.

There is also Type 2 diabetes which is also in the majority cases of the disease contribution. This become smaller later on in life. What is it in the general diet that disposes in advance you and me to Diabetes ? They are generally well known to be a combination of poor diet and need of proper exercise.

One can note them, coming with the rapid growth of fast foods of all types. Have you noticed your children gradual loosing interest in the wholesome essential meat, potatoes and lots of veggies diet ? Meals became a culinary challenge in our house with skill and as quietly as possible, merge nutrition and fun food . The exhibition of a taste testing season, where one is more exposed for too many new and nutritious international dishes. Now our girls are much more health aware than before.

What about you ? Do you know someone who may be entirely obsessed on junk food ? Many people snatch fast food dinners. This is often because of their busy way of life , being too exhausted to cook a good meal after a long day. This, of course, unknowingly affects the younger generation, who soon refuse to eat the good stuff All thi s leads to Diabetes .

The most important cause for all those are, the high content of sugar in junk food, sauces and drinks. It is the sugar one gets addicted to. Soon they are no longer pleased with the natural sweet taste of our great variety of fresh and dried fruit. What about vegetables ? Forget it . If you have to douse it with ketchup, marinated pickles or other sweet condiment , the chances are, you will not eat it. If so, you may be obessed on sugar.

Do you feel it is too late to get the young generation turned around to wholesome nutrition ? Anyone with whichever type of diabetes will manifest that it is not amusing. Being dependent on needles and constant monitoring is not enjoyable. Neither are the penalties of blindness, pain and amputations in severe cases.

It is about time to revert back to your natural taste for healthy, natural food without additives, especially sugar. By gradually puting back more and more natural fiber laden food and fruit in one diet and committing to regular exercise, like walking, one is on his way to regaining control of each one health.

Much information is obtainable about the kinds of foods that are the finest for diabetics and those who are main candidates for it. Take the doctor advice. However, do not neglect the fact that proper nutrition can reverse the trend. Doctors have the know-how to diagnose and treat the symptoms of Diabetes . As yet there is no medical heal for this. They can only try to stabilize the insulin level in your body.

Nutritionists are skilled in counseling for the right food. We need both the medical and nutritional advice , to fight Diabetes . By adding the right nutritional supplements, along with a more balanced diet than one may have been used to, one can totally get rid of the diabetes. There is no better feeling of power and relief than when one get a clean bill of health from the doctor. Thanks to your taking nutrition seriously. Yes, it can be done. You can regain control over the deceit of sugar addiction and wrong eating practice. Get back your self confidence and remain in control of your Diabetes and well being .

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