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Natural Cure For Diabetes - Must Read If Your Are A Diabetic

There are many health ailments, especially the ones those are chronic that require a long term treatment. The problem with such ailments is any modern or allopath medication, if taken for quite a long period definitely come up with lots of complications, unwanted, side and harmful effects. Here, the patient is in catch-22 situation since he or she has to continue modern medications for a long term and on the other hand, he or she is also going to face hazardous consequences that will follow these medications.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the chronic diseases that require lifetime medication and the patient has to take it without any failure. The medications used for diabetes are called as 'OHD' i.e. oral hypoglycemic drugs. Looking at more and more researchers coming up with clinical trials on modern medications and their side effects, people now prefer to go for natural cure for diabetes. Diabetes affects millions of people across the world. Let us learn natural cure for diabetes –

Natural cure for diabetes tip 1: Diabetes is a metabolic disease; however, there are many factors that make a person prone to have diabetes. Obesity is one of such factors. The natural cure for diabetes includes keeping the body fit and fine. The weight should be under-control and for this, low calorie diet is advised. Also, jogging, cardio and brisk walk may be beneficial.

Natural cure for diabetes tip 2: The nature has gifted us with lots of herbs that possess natural anti-diabetic (hypoglycemic) actions. One can go for single herb therapy or can go for some formula that contains a combination of such herbs. Herbs such as haritaki, haridra, meshshringi, methika, bhringaraja etc are considered to be very beneficial in diabetes. They are believed to increase the uptake of glucose at peripheral organs and hence reduce the blood glucose levels.

Natural cure for diabetes tip 3: Some exercises have shown good results in treating various health ailments including chronic cases like diabetes. Natural cure for diabetes also includes holistic exercises such as Yoga and Pranayama. Some holistic practitioners suggest aromatherapy, acupressure and acupuncture to be effective in treating diabetes up to certain extent.

Natural cure for diabetes tip 4: One should avoid any sort of food that contains sugar. Sugar acts as a poison for diabetics. Also, natural treatments should be considered as a secondary line of treatment in management of diabetes. In cases where insulin is prescribed, one should not depend upon home remedies or any other alternatives. Even holistic exercises are to be considered as adjuvant to the first line treatment which is taking insulin injections and OHDs.

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