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Natural Cures For Diabetes - How To Reverse Diabetes With Your Lifestyle And Diet

With some saying that diabetes is the next epidemic to hit America, some are asking, "Are there any natural cures for diabetes?" And the answer to that question is 'Yes!" There are numerous things you can do reverse your diabetes.

Unfortunately, diabetes rates are growing rapidly. The latest figures show that almost 10% of Americans are diabetic or borderline diabetic. Fortunately, research is at its highest in years for this disease. And we now know more than ever about diabetes and how to reverse and even stop it.

What you read in the next 5 minutes could change your life and save your life. You may wish to write down these simple natural cures for diabetes.

Tips to Treat and Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is most often a disease that is caused by your lifestyle or diet. Therefore, it makes sense that the cure for diabetes also deals with your lifestyle and diet. Here are some suggestions for a diabetes-free lifestyle.

1. Carbohydrates have received some bad press in the last decade. You may already think that carbs = fat. However, research has also been showing that high carbohydrate diets are also conducive to diabetes. Therefore, our research has found that you should only consume about 50 grams of carbohydrates per meal.

2. The opposite of carbohydrates is protein. You should get plenty of protein in your diet through lean meats, nuts and low fat diary. Therefore, it is important to switch carbohydrate foods (starches and grains) for protein foods (yogurt and nuts).

3. Remember that humans are grazing creatures much like cows. What? In other words, you should eat every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism at peak levels. With a heightened metabolism, you will easily be able to shed extra pounds and your doctor might mention to lower your insulin dosage.

4. Become active! Your lifestyle and exercise is extremely critical in reversing in diabetes. You should try exercising for a minimum time of 30 minutes a day. You may wish to take 2 days off a week so you don't get burned out. The reason why exercise is so critical is because it aids insulin's productivity.

5. Besides avoiding grains and starches, you should also stay away from refined sugars. But what should you eat or supplement? Make sure you are eating plenty of fiber (more vegetables than fruits), taking a multivitamin, eating foods that are fresh and not processed and drinking plenty of water.

6. Finally, we also encourage educating yourself. If you want to control and reverse diabetes naturally, you need to learn everything you can about the natural health research on diabetes.

Curing Diabetes in 4 Weeks or Less

These are only 6 tips but they should give you hope that curing diabetes is doable. The research on your body and health show that your body can heal itself if giving the right tools (your lifestyle and your diet). Imagine your blood sugar worries gone! Imagine never having to take insulin again! Imagine stopping type 1 diabetes and reversing type 2 diabetes!

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Natural Cures for Diabetes

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