Friday, May 22, 2009

Pre Diabetic Situation

Roughly one out of seven of the people are in a pre diabetic condition.
What is pre diabetic?
The sickness already exists in a person, but has not yet been diagnosed. This is the moment to prevent diabetes from developing , throughout physical exercises, balanced diet and weight loss.

About a 30% of the people who have diabetes, do not even know that the have the pre diabetic situation..
The illness is at last exposed by high glucose levels in the blood. However, it actually had secretly existed for a couple of years.
Is there any one in your family who has diabetes? Are you fat? Do you disgust physical exercises? Along with you, there are many others who are built in a high risk category with the possibility of developing diabetes in the future.

How can we prevent from happening?
Many new studies have proved that you can delay or even prevent diabetes as still in the pre diabetic state.

What is pre diabetic?
That is a situation of concealed diabetes that shows up a a number of years ahead of the appearance of type 2 diabetes and occurs about always ahead of diabetes is diagnosed.
In the pre diabetic condition the sugar level is higher than normal but not high enough to diagnose the illness.

How wide spread is the pre diabetic?
About 15% of the population is in the pre diabetic state. As the most up to date studies show, in this condition long term damage is happening in the cardio-vascular system. Studies has shown that taking preventive measures whilst the elevated sugar level stage may prevent the break out of type 2 diabetes in the future. This is the right time to adopt a healthy diet and to exercise; the two of them are syggested for diabetics.

What are the risk factors of developing pre diabetic ?
-Family history: brother or sister or parent with diabetes.
-Being overweight
-Lack of physical activity.
-A women who gave birth to an heavy baby (over 4 kg)
-Age: the risk increases over the age of 45 and especially over 65.
How do you know if you are pre diabetic?
There are 2 diverse tests your doctor can use:
The fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) and the
Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).

If it will be found that you are pre diabetic, is it certain you will build up diabetes?
This is a serious situation, which should be dealt with , and must be under supervision.
You can really rotate the clock back.
Research has shown that it is possible to control the pre diabetic and the diabetic by making changes in their diets and increasing their levels of physical activity.

Medications can slow the development of diabetes, but proper diet together with physical activity are more efficient.
Thirty minutes of each day physical activity, with the right diet and losing 5-10% of the body weight lessen the appearance of new diabetic cases by 58%.

By: Joe Golz

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