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Diabetes Foods to Avoid - 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Diabetes foods to avoid-Do you feel frustrated when someone says that you, as a diabetic, are bound to avoid certain foods? Do you hate eating only those diets reserved for diabetics? If so, I will say you are wrong. You are not totally forbidden to forget and avoid all diabetes diet foods but advised to have anything you take in measured quantity with time apace. Insulin is needed to split blood glucose and effect conversion to energy. If the pancreas does not respond to generate enough energy, the problem of diabetes and food restriction arises. Here, you have to make it up to think positively and follow a diabetic diet menu as a safety measure to lower blood sugar.

The rapid increase of this disease and the needs of affected patients have made the food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies to launch under diabetic diet plan many new products to the market in collaboration with dietitians or nutritionists. You cannot depend on such products alone. You need a real knowledge about low calorie diet with sufficient nutritious value. It's advised simply to minimize certain foods and not to totally discard them because an extreme level of total avoidance will make you hypoglycemic, a bad condition of diabetes resulting in coma. You have to adopt a new food habit giving secondary importance for diabetes foods to avoid for keeping the blood sugar levels constant from ups and downs.

Food habits to continue:

As usual, you may consume the whole grains and starchy vegetables, preferably fresh varieties, as the main part of your meal. Simultaneously it is demanded to consume a smaller amount of lean meat, legumes, and cheese for protein. Very little amount of low-fat or non-fat dairy products is fine for energy building. This is a general prescription for type 1 diabetes mellitus or diabetes type 2. To be perfect to suit your diabetic condition, it's wise to consult a dietitian or nutritionist.

Diet foods to avoid:

1. Avoid any food or snack with increased sodium salt which will flag up your blood pressure, relatively bad for your health. To overcome this problem, you have to use non-sodium or low sodium foods. Forget chips, crackers, processed or preserved meat products, canned foods like soups and sardines in all of which you have extra sodium salt added.

2. Avoid fats as much as possible since they are highly harmful in causing cardiovascular diseases for diabetics. So, it's advised to consume low fat diet only leaving dairy products like cheese, butter cakes, and solid vegetable fats because all these foods contain saturated fats. Chicken preparation with skin should be minimized.

3. Avoid butter and margarine which are harmful when added for taste. Instead, you are safe to replace by oils obtained from canola and olive variety. Choose skimmed, low-fat, or non-fat milk, and yogurt instead of milk products with full cream.

4. Avoid fried foods since frying involves dipping in oil or butter or ghee to the worst. They are fine for taste but what about the film coating added to your cardiovascular system with fats? So, the best thing is to prepare your food either by boiling, or by baking.

5. Avoid alcohol as much as possible although it is for pleasure or for climate. Alcohol is good for heart by 2% and bad for the total metabolism by 98%. I leave the choice to your attitude to accept or not the diabetes diet foods to avoid.

Following these tips is itself the best way of treatment for diabetes. Along with these, you should know the additional description of diabetes foods to eat and diabetes fruits to eat

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