Monday, April 6, 2009

Normal Blood Glucose Levels Even As a Diabetic?

In diagnosing diabetic patients, it is important to detect normal blood glucose levels successfully. If you have fasted for a total of eight hours and have a range of glucose level between 70 mgrms/dl and 100 mgrms/dl, this is just normal for anyone who has gone fasting. However you will be diagnosed to be pre-diabetic if you have a range of anywhere between 101 and 199. If your glucose levels have already reached 200 or more, then this is a sign that you are already diabetic. You could either have type 1 or type 2 Diabetes. Once you already have diabetes, it is important to immediately seek treatment. It is still possible to effectively manage normal glucose levels when you're a diabetic.

Indeed, a diabetic can still do something in order to maintain normal and healthy glucose levels. Although you may have to take the prescribed medications, you also have the alternative of a more natural cure. Some synthetic forms or medications may produce ill-effects if taken in prolonged periods of time. However, with the natural methods, you don't have to worry about side effects at all. When it comes to the natural cures, the following alternatives are being made available to you.

1. It is thus important for you to keep on checking the diabetes sugar levels. Through this, you will be able to read more on your A1C. This will allow you to determine the ideal quantity of insulin in your pancreas. This is the initial step in controlling your diabetes.

2. You also need to focus on the insulin type being introduced into your blood. It is typical for your physician to determine and to finalize on the insulin type, by injecting a couple units of Humalin insulin, preferably 40 minutes before taking a meal.

3. Afterwards, you can make the choice on whether to take the prescribed medication or go for the more natural approach. If the physician has prescribed a lower dose of medicine, you may not have to worry too much on ill-effects. Once you have achieved the ideal low blood glucose levels, the natural cure can be adopted.

4. It is also important to monitor the portions of your meal, as well as the frequency of taking meals. Binge eating is certainly not recommended. If possible, you need to take four or five meals per day, in smaller portions, while maintaining the ideal calorie amount.

5. When you have diabetes, wise food choices are very important. You need to choose diabetic diet foods which are low in fat and carbohydrates. It is possible nonetheless to calculate the carbs and fats in your diet so as to efficiently monitor your normal blood glucose levels. It is essential for any diabetic patient to be concerned on his or her food intake, so as to avoid having blood sugar which are higher than normal.

A diabetic condition can be effectively handled by controlling the levels of normal glucose in blood. This indicates on whether the diabetic condition is still at the initial stages or already severe. By maintaining normal blood glucose levels, a healthy life for any diabetic is possible.

Controlling blood sugar is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know the full details in foods to eat AND foods to avoid for diabetes.

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